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Whether it’s eating some delicious BBQ at our annual Red Dress Event or supporting our Lion Athletic Events for Family Weekend, we encourage our members to bring the family along for the experience. In Alpha Phi, we want you to be involved! We hope you, as a parent, can experience all that your daughter has become as she has bloomed into an outstanding young woman and is flourishing within Alpha Phi.

In Alpha Phi, academics ALWAYS comes first.  We want to ensure “Phis get Degree’s”! Although Alpha Phi is a time commitment and most of us have an internship or job on top of it, we encourage every member to take pride in their academic achievements by awarding scholar dollars, or ticket stubs, to those who get A’s on papers or tests! They can then, at the end of the semester redeem those points for a chance to win prizes!

(See the Scholarship tab under Sisterhood for more information)

We also have weekly study hall hours in the Alpha Phi house or in Gee Library to strive for that strong GPA. Alpha Phi is a sisterhood that not only wants to further your daughter’s education and networking skills but wants to ensure good studying habits and time management as well!


Alpha Phi provides outstanding assistance programs and mentorship opportunities for our graduating seniors to help you adjust to life in the "real world." By the time you graduate, you will have built a network of outstanding successful women who are there to assist you in your job search and throughout your career. For more information on how to can stay involved after graduation please CLICK HERE.

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