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Alpha Phi TAMUC Texas A&M University Commerce



OUR SYMBOL: The Ivy Leaf 


OUR CREST: The Fraternity Crest is the Alpha Phi coat-of-arms. The shield is Bordeaux with a scroll and ivy leaf above it. Inscribed on the scroll is the public motto, "Union Hand In Hand." A bar of silver crosses the shield from left to right; the upper half of the shield contains a Roman lamp in silver and the lower half, Ursa Major.


OUR FLOWERS: The Lily-of the-Valley and the Forget-Me-Not. 


OUR COLORS: Silver and Bordeaux


OUR MASCOT: The "Phi Bear," whose name is taken from the Greek words "Ursa Major," or the "Great Bear." 

Alpha Phi is represented by the Greek letters "Alpha," the first letter of the Greek alphabet, and "Phi", the twenty-first letter. The "Phi" in Alpha Phi is pronounced "fee" not "fy". Why? In the Greek language, "Phi" is pronounced "fee" when it follows a vowel. Alpha Phi is also officially called, "Alpha Phi International Fraternity" because at the time we were founded the term "sorority" hadn't been coined.

To learn more about Alpha Phi International Fraternity, please visit click here.

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